Client Reviews

Client: Lynwood Worship Center

“Rachel helped our non-profit organization set up our social media presence on the social media sites such as Faceback, Twitter and Youtube. In addition Rachel worked to develop promotional materials such as banners, flyers, graphics, videos and the creation of a complete website. Before Rachel setup all these systems doing a google search for ‘Lynwood Worship Center’ resulted in only our organizations address appearing, but thanks to Rachel’s expertise we now have a fully developed website, and a ever increasing social media presence! Rachel is an expert at what she does and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Pastor Woody Robinson, President and Exec. The Lywnood Worship Center.

 Client: Director of Forgotten Children Inc

I had no idea how to establish a social media presence for our organization, or how important it would prove to be for our future. Rachel’s expertise helped to establish and develop promotional materials such as videos, graphics and social media management that brought our organization prospective donors and volunteers that we would have otherwise never even heard of. All I can say about Rachel is WOW, she is professional and dedicated and you will see results from her expertise”

Paula S. Daniels | President and Exec. Director, Forgotten Children, Inc.


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